Clocking Circuits

Here are some Clocking Circuits which GHz Circuits has designed for customers
  • ~14GHz LCVCO based PLL in TSMC40G to generate ~7GHz quadrature clocks for 100GBASE-LR4 transceiver. Integrated jitter after applying CDR transfer function was 175fs over range of 100kHz to Nyquist
  • 8 GHz LC DCO in UMC40LP for successful delivery into a Digital PLL IP, where the total jitter at PLL output is specified to be less than 200fs over integration range 10kHz to 700MHz.
  • 800MHz CDR PLL with phase interpolator to output 64 phases, for 10G Ethernet applications
  • 50-250MHz spread spectrum clock generator with -0.5% to -4% programmability
  • A phase vernier DLL structure comprising of a master DLL and multiple auxillary DLLs for phase shifting clock or data (5 bit control) over frequency range 100MHz to 1GHz for use in source synchronous IO data communication

  • High fidelity crystal oscillators for various applications